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Pellets "R" Us only sells quality pellets which have low ash & high BTU ratings.

All wood pellets are delivered in a box trailer and then stored in our warehouse, therefore no wet pellets!

History of Pellets

Wood pellets were first “invented” during the oil crisis of the 1970’s. Wood is “cleaned” (bark is removed), ground into a sawdust consistency, dried to 6% moisture content (wood in its natural state is between 35% and 50% moisture content) and then compressed into a hard round cylindrical shape ¼ inch in diameter and ½ to 1½ inches long. Seasoned cord wood is about 18% moisture content, so wood pellets burn much easier, more evenly, and with virtually no smoke because they are a refined fuel that is cleaner and heavier (more energy in less space) than unrefined wood.


Pellet stoves are very clean burning. One non EPA wood stove has as many emissions as forty pellet stoves.


Solid fuel (whether pellets or wood) is generally the least expensive heat source for space heating.


Pellets are cleaner to handle than wood which is a plus when your appliance is located in your main living area.

We only sell the highest quality wood pellets which have low ash & high BTU ratings. Our products are far superior to the pellets you get at the home supply chain stores.

Northern Warmth Pellets


vERMONT Pellets

Super Spruce

Made In:   British Columbia

Wood: Spruce, Pine, Firs

Ash:  .39%

Heat Value: 8600 BTU/LB

$305/Ton$153/Half Ton


Made In:   Oregon

Wood: 100% Douglas Fir

Ash:  .25%

Heat Value: 8800 BTU/LB

$180/Half Ton

Purely Pine

Made In:   Georgia

Wood: 100% Southern Yellow Pine

Ash:  .40%

Heat Value: 8300 BTU/LB

$148/Half Ton

Vermont Pellets

Made In:   Vermont

Wood: Red & White Pine
            Spruce and Fir

Ash:  .21%

Heat Value: 8627 BTU/LB

$160/Half Ton

Why Use Pellets

Pellet Appliances are Safer

Easier to load than Wood

Provide Natural Warmth and Comfort

Pellet appliances operate at lower stack temperatures because of their higher efficiency.

Pellets are cleaner to handle than wood which is a plus when your appliance is located in your main living area.

There is nothing that beats wood heat for comfort. Constant dry heat from both wood or pellet is hard to match.

Pellet Stoves are Cleaner

Supports Local Economies

Don’t Release any Harmful Gases

Due to its design, there should never be smoke escaping from your pellet stove

Burning pellets generally supports local economies because pellet plants are located closer to their markets.

Greenhouse gas carbon equivalents per quad of heat delivered are approx 1/3 of fuel oil, and less than half of natural gas.

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